Mexican Blanket Serape Switch Plates for Light Covers

The serape switch plate light cover is like having a Mexican blanket wall accent for your light switch cover.

serape switch plate mexican blanket light cover

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Serape Baja Hoodie Drug Rug by Mexican Threads

You can buy serape Mexican blanket looking hoodies called a drug rug hoodie or baja hoodie at  Mexican Threads is the leader in the industry with more colors and sizes to choose from than any other store in the world. If you need a 3xl baja hoodie they are the only ones to carry it. And there is free shipping!

mexican serape drug rug baja hoodie

drug rug hoodie

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Buy Serape Blankets at Elchamaco

Mexican Blanket Hoodies, also known as Serape drug rugs can be purchased at This is your one stop source for all your Mexican decor needs. The top of the list of decor should definitely be your the serape blanket because it is so versatile. If you only purchase one item for your fiesta party, it should be the serape blanket. It can be a tablecloth or double as wall decor, couch cover, or simply a blanket to cover anything in your house or meeting place that you don’t want seen during the festivities.

serape hoodie

In addition to Mexican serape blankets, also offers a great variety of other Mexican fiesta decor. If you are looking for attire for your next party, they have a great selection of ponchos, Mexican blouses and dresses. It even has dresses for small children and babies. For other ideas, check out their impressive selection of paper flowers, maracas, sombreros and party banners. It is your one stop shop for all your fiesta needs.

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Mexican Blankets

Mexican Blankets, like those found at, are a great tool for sprucing up any drab or boring room in your house. These blankets are known as serapes or sarape are all currently all the rage not only in Mexico but throughout the world. The reason that they are so popular is that they come in a huge variety of colors and sizes so there is a size or color to match your every need. Whether you need a blanket for your bed, a tablecloth for your table, or a placemat for your centerpiece, you can find the size that is right for you in these blankets. They come in girly colors such as pink and yellow or more masculine colors such as black, blue and turquoise, and everything in between.

mexica blanket hoodie

Serape blankets are most popular at Fiesta time, which is around cinco de mayo or the fiesta festival in San Antonio that takes place every year. Mexican themed events are parties are becoming increasing popular throughout the United States, and these blankets make great decorations for all aspects of a fiesta party or event. Hang them on the wall, or use as table decor or table runners, or even give each guest one to wear as a poncho upon their arrival. Their uses really are almost unlimited. Check out the great selection at

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Mexican Serape Blankets

Although Cinco de Mayo is now over, it is still a great time to purchase Mexican blankets at and to have a Mexican or fiesta themed party or event.

Everyone knows about Cinco de Mayo and the great celebration that takes place around the country.  But you don’t have to wait until next year to have another fiesta.  Anytime is great to have a party.

The Mexican serape blanket is the perfect decoration for such a party. They are bright and colorful, affordable and come in a variety of sizes.  They are sure to add color and excitement to your next fiesta.

Check out today for a great selection.  As always, they offer a discount on orders of 10 or more.

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Mexican Blanket Hoodie

Mexican Blanket Hoodies are a great way to spruce up any room in the house.  Most people think that these blankets, which are popular in Mexican restaurants and can be seen in Acapulco and other tourist cities in Mexico, are only used in Mexican homes, but they can be used anywhere to add color and a Hispanic or Southwest theme to any space.

mexican blanket hoodie

Kitchen:  Use the serape as a tablecloth for any Mexican themed party or event, such as Cinco de Mayo, or just use it anytime you are serving delicious Mexican food.  The serape also comes in table runner and placemat size, which can also be used on the table or bar.

Bedroom: Use the Mexican blanket on your bed for a bedspread, or use as curtains for a colorful and festive look.

Living room:  Use the serape to cover the couch or sofa.  You can also make curtains out of them, or make throw pillows for your couches.  You can also use it as a rug or as a throw on your coffee table.

Bathroom:  A Mexican-themed bathroom is always fun.  Use a serape as a shower curtain or as a toilet seat cover.

Car:  Hot rod enthusiasts have used the Mexican blanket for years as a great upholstery.

As you can see, these blankets are versatile and can be used anywhere in the house and car.  Get yours today!

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Mexican Blankets Serape

What is a Serape?  It is a Mexican blanket.  You have probably seen them on the streets of most tourist cities in Mexico or even at your favorite Mexican restaurant.  What you probably didn’t realize is that these blankets can be purchased right here in the good ol United States at  El Chamaco specializes in authentic Mexican blankets, ponchos and other fiesta decor.  These serape blankets make great gifts for that hard to please shopper in your life.  You won’t find these colorful blankets any cheaper on the internet, and has an excellent selection of colors and sizes.  You can get any of the 5 sizes in as many as 8 colors.  You can even mix and match to get your favorite colors.

In addition to the Serape blankets, they also carry Mexican serape tablerunners and placemats, which are perfect for a Cinco de Mayo party or celebration.  The serape ponchos are similar to the popular blankets, but have a whole in the center to be worn as a poncho.

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Mexican Ponchos

Buy Mexican poncho hoodies at

Mexican ponchos are a great way to decorate for Cinco de Mayo.  If you are hosting an event or dinner for Cinco de Mayo you can get a few ponchos to wear as the host and hostess, or if you are having kitchen help or servers you can have them wear ponchos as well.  The ponchos come in assorted colors, so you can get masculine colors such as blue, green or black for the guys and more feminine colors such as red, orange, yellow, or pink for the girls.  You could also have each guest don a poncho as they enter your party.

mexican poncho hoodie

Another great use for the Mexican poncho is to use it as a Halloween costume.  It makes a colorful, affordable and fast costume.  All you need is a sombrero and you are set.  In addition to the Halloween costume, you can get some ponchos to wear for International day at school or anywhere for that matter.  They can also be worn to keep warm in the cool nights, much as they are in Mexico.

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Serape, or sometimes spelled Sarape, is a style of Mexican blanket that has been popular in Mexico and other Latin American countries for decades.  These are the typical colorful blankets that are common in Mexican restaurants.  You have probably also come across them if you have ever visited any big tourist places in Mexico, such as Cancun or Ensenada.  They have become a symbol of Mexico around the world.

The serape blankets can be used for a number of decorating ideas around the house.  This time of year, around Cinco de Mayo, the blankets are often used to decorate for fiesta or Mexican themed parties or events.  They can be used as a tablecloth or bar cover, or even hung on the wall to add color.  Serape come in a number of sizes and colors, so there is a size suitable for any table or bar.  They can also be used as couch covers or rugs, or seat covers.  The serapes come in table runner and placemat sizes, which make great table decor at any party. has the best selection of these blankets, as well as other Mexican decor, such as Mexican ponchos, maracas, and sombreros.  They also offer quantity discounts on orders of 10 or more.

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